Marketing Your Business


Marketing your business is arguably the most important aspect of your business. It can determine the success or failure of your business. What your company does and how your company best get this message out to its potential customers? This is the ultimate message and purpose of marketing.


There are several types of marketing. There is brand marketing, direct mail marketing, telemarketing, online marketing campaigns, and email marketing campaigns. Each of these marketing initiatives by themselves will achieve certain results. However, used together, they accomplish much more. A successful brand marketing strategy is always used in combination with online marketing, email, telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. By combining each of these approaches and using them together, a company can not only shorten the time it takes to reach customers, but also incentivize them to return and remain loyal.


JDesigns has provided a number of products and services to help your business with itís marketing and branding needs. If you ever heard the expression ďyou get what you paid forĒ I would have to say, I agree 100%. The one thing that you should never do is to go cheap on any marketing materials that promotes your business or has your business name attached to it. If your passing out business cards you made from your home computer, throw them out and get something professional looking, donít go cheap on your business cards or any products with your company name on them. Do you think the Fortune 500 companies use business cards they made at home? Certainly not.


Also if your using ďgmail, aol, yahoo, etc... for your business email account that too says that the your company didnít want to go to the expense to get a professional email account. Go Daddy sales email accounts that you can set up with your business name. Using the example of the Fortune 500, do you think any of those companies use gmail accounts? Let us work with you to help you with branding your business. We created some business package specials to help businesses with itís branding. We also can provide you with Custom Logo Design and Website Design. We donít get our designs from some company with a bunch of templates. We design custom products that youíll probably never see another one out there, unless someone has copied one of our designs and that has happened. We do suggest that you trademark your design so that you have the legal rights to your unique design.


One final point, if your using social media to promote your business, like twitter or Facebook, let your business Facebook be only for business, do not include anything that is personal. For example, I designed a website for a client and the client wanted their Facbook link on their website. So I went to look at their Facebook site, and there was some pretty racy things on that Facebook account. It wasnít so much what the client put on their Facebook site, but the friends attached to that site. Keep your business separate from personal, always. Yes, your friend will want to know why you didnít accept their friend request, Tell them they can go to your personal Facebook site, but not your business. And even with your business Facebook be very selective of who you friend, even if that means un-friending someone. Be as professional looking as possible.


Having said all that, if you are interested is speaking with JDesigns regarding your branding or marketing, give us a call at 817-269-9110 or go to our contact page and complete the contact request form.

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